SMS Plans:

SMSEcstasy provides a bouquet of SMS packages for various needs. Please refer the table on the right for more details.

The following points should be kept in mind before opting for any of the packages:

  • The SMS credits are valid for the number of message credits or the validity period which ever is earlier.

  • A grace period of 7 days (not applicable on campaing SMS packs) is provided to the user. The user would not be able to utilize any SMS credit during the grace period however the remaining SMS credits would get added to the new credits, if any, added to the account within the grace period.

  • After grace period, the unutilized SMS credits would expire. New Conceptz has no provision to add the expired SMS credits back to the user account. No claim would be accepted in this regard.

  • User may continue to receive incoming message in grace period however after the grace period, the incoming messages, if any, would be discarded by the server.

  • The user accounts not used for a period of 3 months from the date of completion of grace period would automatically get deactivated and could only be used after payment of the reactivation fee, as applicable, at the time of re-activation.

Bulk Messanging options. SMS @ 15 Paisa per SMS.
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Select Bulk SMS pack type to purchase online:

Pack Type Cost(INR) Credits Validity C/m*
Recharge for Corporate Users:
SMS Top Up 3100 10000 365 Days 31 P.
SMS Top Up 5500 20000 30 Days 27.5 P.
SMS Top Up 5600 20000 90 Days 28 P.
SMS Top Up 13000 50000 180 Days 26 P.
SMS Top Up 26000 100000 360 Days 26 P.
SMS Top Up 52000 200000 360 Days 26 P.
SMS Top Up 78000 300000 360 Days 26 P.
SMS Top Up 130000 500000 720 Days 26 P.
SMS Top Up 260000 1000000 1000 Days 26 P.
Recharge for Individual Messaging:
SMS Top Up 200 500 30 Days 40 P.
SMS Top Up 225 500 45 Days 45 P.
SMS Top Up 350 1000 30 Days 35 P.
SMS Top Up 600 2000 60 Days 30 P.
Please enter the following details for delivery of top up code:
Mobile: eMail:
*C/m - Cost per message in Indian Paise
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