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SMSEcstasy allows you to recieve SMS, run polls, collect data from your customers / friends / family for FREE!!

Ask your friends to send messages to you in the following format:

HI <YOUR SMSEcstasy ID> <Message>

and send it to SMSEcstasy number: 919899717060


HI PETER I have posted the documents to your address today.

where PETER is your userid and the text that follows after is the message.


All your messages are stored in the SMS Inbox available under your control panel on the web site and could also be accessed offline (after syncronization) via the SMSEcstasy software application.

You may also setup to forward all the Incoming SMS to your mobile, if you enable this feature, all the messages forwarded to your mobile would be charged @ 1 credit per SMS and the delievery to your mobile is subject to availability of SMS credits in your account.

You may recieve any number of messages in your SMS Ecstasy inbox provided that your account with SMSEcstasy stays active.



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