1. Ads via Sponsored SMS: SMSEcstasy provides the advertiser a cost effective way to reach a larger target audience. We provide the advertisers an option to reach unique mobile users for as low as 20 Paise per SMS!!

How it Works: Out of the 160 characters of a standard SMS, SMSEcstacy offers 100 characters to the User to send out their personal SMS. SMSEcstasy Dynamic Ad platform automatically appends the message with random ads as provided by various sponsors for the sponsored messages.

Advantage to advertiser: Sponsored SMS is a new and innovative way to Advertise through SMS, getting popular day after other. Every User acts as a brand ambassador for Advertisers. The sponsored SMS are safer and spam free advertisement option. The senderís mobile number is displayed with each message sent hence the receiver is always aware of the sender.

The high visibility & cost effectiveness of Sponsored SMS makes it suitable for a number of ad scenarios including but not limited to:

                  Branding messages / Response Messages / Mobile Coupon messages / Gift Vouchers Promotions

SMSEcstacy is offers a truly exceptional Web to mobile messaging experience to its users. We are capable of providing the service as per the clientís requirement strive hard to provide 100% satisfaction.

2. Ads on SMSEcstasy.Com Web Portal: Since its inception, SMSEcstacy website is getting popular amongst various target audiences and the traffic to the site is increasing day after other. SMSEcstasy is looking forward to rotate advertisement banners and side bar ads on various pages as per the clientís requirement. We look forward to server you on per view, per click and monthly basis.


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